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Policy on Maternity, Paternity, Adoption & Sick Leave

1.0 Purpose

This policy provides the Science for Africa (SFA) Foundation guidelines for management of absence from innovation and research careers necessitated by family commitments and health related matters.

2.0 Policy Statement

SFA Foundation will normally abide by the terms and conditions of the employing organisation regarding maternity/paternity/adoption leave and pay. In the absence of national and statutory guidelines, SFA Foundation will adopt the minimum requirements set out in the Employment Act of the grant holders host country.

2.1 Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leave and Pay

The SFA Foundation will provide the actual costs incurred by the employing organisation in meeting the individual’s salary for the period he/she is on maternity/paternity/adoption leave, less any recoverable statutory pay as required by law.  This policy applies to all SFA Foundation funded programmes, irrespective of whether the post held was approved in the original award letter or created from surplus funds, and irrespective of how close the period of maternity/paternity/adoption leave is to the end date of the grant.

2.2 Supplementation

Supplementation for maternity/paternity/adoption leave support is only provided once SFA Foundation receives confirmation from the employing organisation that the individual is returning to work.  Refer to the SFA Foundation Supplements Policy for more details.

2.3 Extension of Grant Due to Family Commitments

  • SFA Foundation will allow grants and studentships to be extended in time for the period equivalent to the maternity/paternity/adoption leave taken (normally up to 90 calendar days), if requested.
  • This includes cases where individuals may be returning to work after the current end date of the grant.  In cases where the individual is taking parental leave close to the end date of the grant, requests for no-cost extensions should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. See the SFA Foundation No-Cost Extensions Policy for further information.

2.4 Flexible Working

  • Individuals may wish to return to work from maternity, paternity or adoption leave on a part-time basis. Provided the employing organisation agrees,the grant holder can request to push back the actual grant end date.
  • Where additional research costs are requested, the grant will normally be supplemented for no more than a period equivalent to the length of time the grant holder was on leave, regardless of whether the individual is returning to work on a full-time or part-time basis. See the SFA Foundation Flexible Working Policy for more details.

3.0 Grantee Obligations

  1. Grant holders should follow the terms and conditions of the employing institution when applying for maternity, paternity or adoption leave;
  2. The host institution will request for reimbursement of costs incurred as a result of maternity, paternity or adoption leave once they confirm that the individual is returning to work.

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For any queries on this policy, please contact [email protected]