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Good Grant Practice

Ensuring good governance
of grant funding across the
grants ecosystem.

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The Science for Africa Foundation is dedicated to ensuring good governance of grant funding across the grants ecosystem. Good Grant Practice (GGP), a programme of the SFA Foundation, offers support for grantees seeking to build their financial capabilities and attain certification to the Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP) standard. This standard assures funders that applicants and grantees meet an internationally recognized and respected level of grants management accountability.

For an organization considering certification to GFGP, a recommended first step is to undertake a GFGP pre-certification assessment to benchmark its capabilities against the GFGP compliance requirements. The output is a roadmap of capacity building that may be required to satisfy the expectations of the GFGP compliance auditors.

The pre-certification assessment can be accessed, free of charge to eligible organizations, via this link: GFGP Pre-certification Assessment

About the GFGP (ARS 1651) Standard

The GFGP standard was developed under the stewardship of the African Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO), through extensive consultation with grantees from across Africa and some of the world’s largest public- and private- sector grantors. ARSO published GFGP as a new standard (ARS 1651) in June 2018. and for circa $50, a copy can be downloaded from the following National Standards Bodies:

ARS 1651 can be implemented by any organization globally and is designed for grant givers and receivers of all sizes. There are four tiers of GFGP compliance -- Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum –- relating to the scale and complexity of funding and the size of the grant receiver.

Certification to ARS 1651 is subject to a successful audit being undertaken by an independent GFGP Certification Body.
The key benefits of certification to ARS 1651 are: -
  • the organizations’ financial accountability practices have been independently verified as ethical, trustworthy, and transparent, and hence
  • to promote and reinforce the financial credibility of the organization to existing and potential grantors