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SFA Foundation delivers programmes that are designed to address critical gaps in the science ecosystem, including growing the skills of scientists and researchers who are primed to address current and future challenges facing the continent and generate data and evidence to inform policy and Africa’s development agenda. Through our science and innovation programmes, we commit to boldly shape Africa’s future and to go above and beyond to make science delivery in Africa easy.

Climate, Health, Agriculture and Biodiversity (C-HAB) Programme
Africa, contributing only 4% of global emissions, faces severe climate impacts. The SFA Foundation strives to make Africa a climate change leader, prioritising health, agriculture, biodiversity, and resilience strategies.
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Initiatives: C-HAB Initiatives Africa Biogenome Project (ABP)

Clinical Trials and Research
Programme (CRTC)
With about 25% of the global disease burden, only about 4% of global clinical trials occur in Africa. This disproportion is driven by inadequacies in the clinical research capacity, regulatory process...
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Initiatives: Clinical Trials Community Africa Network (CTCAN) Cross Pharma Capacity Development Initiative (CPCDI) Clinical Trials Community Platform

Leadership for African Research Networks (LEARN R&D Consortia)
Through our LEARN R&D Consortia programme, the SFA Foundation fosters scientific leadership and research excellence across the continent. The LEARN R&D Consortia programme facilitates the establishment and growth of robust networks comprising universities...
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Initiatives: Calestous Juma (CJ Fellowships)

Mental Health R&D (MH) Programme
Mental illnesses continue to rise in Africa because of complex and combined etiology, stigma and insufficient policies to account for the interconnections among socio-ecological changes, social well-being and mental health.
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Initiatives: Being Initiative

Public Engagement with Science (PES) Programme
Public Engagement with Science is an approach that seeks to bridge the gap between science and society through intentional, meaningful, conversations among publics and scientists for mutual learning and shared decision-making.
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Initiatives: Art for Science Science Communication

Africa Research Management Capacity Strengthening (REMACS)
As research has become increasingly complex – requiring specialized financial monitoring and reporting, research strategies and policies, ethical and regulatory clearance, human resources skills and grants administration, –the need for professional oversight of the research enterprise has become more urgent...
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Initiatives: Good Grant Practice Standards and Tools Capacity strengthening

Science Collaboratives for Pandemics, Epidemics and Endemic Diseases (SCOPE R&D)
The Covid 19 pandemic presented a profound challenge to the world, especially the continent of Africa. The initial focus was naturally on the burden of disease and impacts on fragile health systems and vulnerable populations.
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Initiatives: EPSILONS Genomics H3Africa

Science Innovation, Translation and Entrepreneurship Programme
The Science Innovation, Translation and Entrepreneurship (SITE) is a programme of the SFA Foundation aligned to the focus areas of health, agriculture, and climate environment and responding to the challenges in the innovation ecosystem. It seeks to build a network of African innovators delivering world-class science innovation and commit entrepreneurship support to those with big, bold ideas that promote the development of Africa.
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Initiatives: Grand Challenges Africa Transition-to- scale (TTS) Country Initiatives

Science Prioritisation & Policy Engagement for Africa (SPEAR)
Through SPEAR, the SFA Foundation envisions the convergence of the scientific community and policymakers to ensure laws, best practices, policies, and guidelines benefit from the most up-to-date scientific evidence generated on the continent for Africa’s development..
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Initiatives: AI & Data Science Science R&D Prioritisation Open Research Africa platform (ORA)

Social Science & Humanities (SSH Programme)
There have been recent increases in funding to improve research capacity in Africa, driven by the belief that evidence to inform sustainable development on the continent must be driven by African scientists. But this support has targeted biomedical and health scientists.
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Initiatives: POSSIBLE Africa