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Policy on Recruitment and Relocation Costs

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide costs guidelines for recruiting all cadres of staff into Science for Africa Foundation (SFA Foundation) funded programmes. The policy seeks to ensure that suitably qualified human resources is recruited for the successful implementation of the SFA Foundation funded programme and that the costs are allowable, allocable and reasonable.

2.0 Definitions

Eligible employees: Employees with 100%-time share on an SFA Foundation funded programme.

Recruitment costs: Costs of “help wanted” advertising, operating costs of an employment office necessary to secure and maintain adequate staff, costs of operating an aptitude and educational testing program, travel costs of employees while engaged in recruiting personnel, travel costs of applicants for interviews for prospective employment, and relocation costs incurred incident to the recruitment of new employees.

Relocation costs: Costs incident to the permanent change of duty assignment (for an indefinite period or for a stated period of not less than 12 months) of an existing employee, or upon recruitment of a new employee.

3.0 Policy Statement

3.1 Recruitment and related costs

  1. SFA Foundation considers recruitment costs to be allowable on applications and grants if the position they are recruiting for is essential and allocable to the performance of the grant. Such costs are considered allocable when incurred solely to advance the research objective of the grant;
  2. Recruiting is considered necessary when there is a need for a specialized individual with unique skills and expertise in order to complete the scope of work of the project, and there are no available faculty or staff currently employed within the unit who could perform the same tasks;
  3. If the personnel being recruited will not be working on the sponsored project full time, only the proportionate amount of the recruiting costs should be allocated to the sponsored project.

3.1.1 Exemptions

Special salary payments, fringe benefits, and salary allowances incurred to attract professional personnel that do not meet the test of reasonableness, or do not conform to the grant holding institutions recruiting practices, are unallowable.

3.2 Relocation Costs

Relocation costs are allowable on grants, provided that all the following conditions apply:

  1. Relocation costs are within established organizational policies and consistently applied on all grants within the grant holding institution;
  2. The move is for the benefit of the employer;
  3. Reimbursement to the eligible employee is in accordance with an established written procedural statement consistently followed by the employer;
  4. The reimbursement does not exceed the eligible employee's actual expenses;
  5. Staff relocating will be tenured to the institution in the new location for a period equal to or exceeding one (1) year.

Allowable relocation costs for current employees or new hires are limited to the items listed below:

  1. The costs of transportation of the employee, members of his or her immediate family, and his or her household and personal effects to the new location;
  2. The costs of finding a new home, such as advance trips by employees and spouses to locate living quarters and temporary lodging during the transition period, up to maximum period of 30 calendar days.

3.2.1 Exemptions

  1. In situations of change of institution, the relocation expenses of the PI and others moving from the original grant holder to the new institution are not allowable charges to SFA Foundation grants;
  2. Fees and other costs associated with acquiring a new home;
  3. A loss on the sale of a former home;
  4. Continuing mortgage principal and interest payments on a home being sold;
  5. Income taxes paid by an employee related to reimbursed relocation costs.

3.3 Resignation or Termination of an Eligible Employee

If the newly hired employee resigns within 12 months after hire for reasons within his or her control, all associated relocation costs must be removed from the SFA Foundation grant and charged to the grant holding institution. If the employee is terminated by the unit within 12 months, relocation costs can still be charged to the SFA Foundation grant.

3.4 Overseas Relocation

If an existing employee, or a new hire, is being moved to an overseas location, costs associated with this type of move will not be considered relocation costs.

4.0 Grant Holder Obligations

4.1 At Application

  1. Applicants may request recruitment and advertising costs for staff employed on a grant as direct cost. SFA Foundation will also allow requests for other recruitment costs, e.g. interview costs, relocation expenses, where it is the host institution’s policy to include these as part of the costs of recruitment, and they represent a directly incurred cost;
  2. The relocation cost should be identified in the proposal budget justification if possible and justified as to why it is necessary and allocable to the performance of the grant.

4.2 During Implementation

In the event that an unbudgeted recruitment and/or relocation cost is required after a grant is funded, PI/Institution should work directly with the relevant SFA Foundation Programme Manager and the SFA Foundation Grant Accountant to ensure that this cost is properly documented. The documentation must be retained and available upon request. The purpose and benefit of charging the relocation costs to the specific project should be fully described in the justification, and retained for future reference, should the expenditure be questioned at a later date.

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