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Policy on Work Permits Costs

1.0 Purpose

In recognition of the fact that work permits, and their costs could act as a potential barrier to the recruitment and retention of talented innovators and researchers, this policy provides guidelines for the treatment of such costs.

2.0 Policy Statement

SFA Foundation allows, work permit and essential associated costs for researchers on SFA Foundation grants to facilitate the successful implementation of the grant. It is the responsibility of the individual and their employing institution to ensure that the relevant work permits are obtained.

2.1 Work Permit Costs

SFA Foundation will cover work permit and associated costs for grantees where necessary for the successful implementation of the grant. Work permit costs could be requested in applications or paid from existing funds within a grant.

2.2 Letter in support of a work permit application and renewal

Where needed, the respective Programme Manager at SFA Foundation shall issue a letter or support for purposes of work permit application or renewal for the SFA Foundation funded innovator or researcher.

2.3 Budgets for work permit application and renewal

If work permit costs were not requested in the grant application, for example, because the post-holder was unnamed at the time, existing funds within the grant should be used to cover these costs where possible. If such funds are not available, requests to supplement the grant will be considered.

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For any queries on this policy, please contact [email protected]