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Policy on Undertakings

1.0 Purpose

To ensure that applicants and co-applicants for the Science for Africa (SFA) Foundation grants and their respective institutional authorities are aware of their expected roles and responsibilities as applicants and as potential grantees. An understanding of such roles and responsibilities at the application stage and at the project start and implementation stage is important for the effective and efficient processing of SFA Foundation grants applications and for the effective and efficient management of funded programmes.

2.0 Policy Statement

It is the SFA Foundation policy that applicants and co-applicants for SFA Foundation grants are required to give undertakings with respect to submission of applications. Furthermore, it is SFA Foundation Policy that institutional authorities in the institutions where the grant project or programme will be carried out accept institutional responsibility and oversight in the overall management of the grant.

3.0 Grantee Obligations

3.1 Undertakings for Applicants

In order to submit an application to SFA Foundation, the applicants and co-applicants must confirm the following:

  1. That they have read and understood the Data Protection and Privacy Statement.
  2. The information in the application is accurate and complete
  3. The grant conditions have been read and are acceptable
  4. The necessary facilities will be made available to conduct the research, and will continue to be available for the duration of the SFA Foundation grant

The following institutional authorities or their equivalents must sign the application form before submission to SFA Foundation:

  1. The Dean of Faculty and the Head of the department where the work will be carried out in the Applicants’ and Co-Applicants’ institutions and the Directors or equivalent in all other institutions that are not Universities.
  2. The Director of Finance/Finance Officer in the Applicant’s and co-applicant’s institutions

3.2 Undertakings for Grants

Individuals and institutions accepting SFA Foundation grants are required to formally accept these grants through an authorised signatory signing the Grants Start Certificate, unless stated otherwise in the Award Letter or Contract

3.3 Undertakings for Transfer of Grants

If a grant is transferred to a new institution, the undertakings must be signed by all relevant parties. If a grant is transferred to a new principal investigator at the same institution, the new principal investigator must sign the undertakings. a

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For any queries on this policy, please contact [email protected]