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Policy on Tobacco Funded Research

1.0 Purpose

The Science for Africa (SFA) Foundation is a pan-African non-profit organisation created to support, strengthen, and promote science and innovation in Africa.  However, there is overwhelming evidence that products of the tobacco industry, and both active and passive smoking, are injurious to health. Therefore, collaborating or receiving funds from the tobacco industry for research purposes or funding tobacco related research is contrary to SFA Foundation’s mandate.

2.0 Policy Statement

  1. SFA Foundation and its grantees will not accept research funds from the tobacco industry;
  2. SFA Foundation does not consider applications for funding from researchers applying for, holding, or employed under a research grant from the tobacco industry;
  3. SFA Foundation research grant holders should not seek nor accept internship opportunities with the tobacco industry;
  4. SFA Foundation grant holders should not seek research collaborations with the tobacco industry.

For any queries on this policy, please contact [email protected]