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Participant Travel and Expense Policy

1.0 Purpose

This policy is intended enable the stewardship of Science for Africa (SFA) Foundation resources while providing financial support for major travel-related expenses for persons invited to SFA Foundation sponsored events or meetings.

2.0 Policy Statement

2.1 Specific Participant Responsibilities

Participants are responsible for reading and understanding this policy before incurring expenses. Expenses not expressly covered in this policy are not eligible for reimbursement.

2.2 Expense Reimbursement

Expenses are not eligible for reimbursement if they are incurred because the participant chose to decline SFA Foundation provided meals, lodging, airfare, or ground transportation.

2.3 Travel Arrangements

The SFA Foundation events team will book and pay for all arrangements with the exception of travel that combines SFA Foundation and non-SFA Foundation business.

3.0 Grantee Obligations

  1. For eligible out-of-pocket expenses incurred while participating in an SFA Foundation sponsored event, the participant is solely responsible for promptly submitting their reimbursement claim and providing documentation to verify each expense;
  2. The expense claim should be submitted to the SFA Foundation Programme Manager within 30 days of the meeting.  SFA Foundation will cover the cost of wire transfer but will not be responsible for costs charged by the receiving bank;
  3. Foreign currencies reimbursed in U.S. dollars will be exchanged using the Oanda exchange rate platform on the day the expense occurred or the actual transaction rate if supported by forex receipt;
  4. Receipts must provide proof of payment;
  5. When submitting an expense claim, these participants must completely and accurately provide the following information regarding the beneficiary’s bank: Name of bank, street address of bank, SWIFT/BIC code of bank, beneficiary’s account number (IBAN for beneficiary’s account name, desired reimbursement currency type;
  6. Air transportation: economy class is standard policy for all flights;
  7. Ground transportation:
  • Taxis, public transportation, and airport shuttles are reimbursable so long as they are supported by valid expense documentation. Fees incurred due to cancelations, delays, or missed appointments that can be attributed to the traveler’s negligence are not eligible for reimbursement;
  • Use of personal vehicle must be pre-authorized by the SFA Foundation events team, proper mileage must be determined by disclosing the location of origin, claim reimbursement will be calculated using mileage rate equivalent to Automobile Association (Kenya), or similar local agency. There will be no further liability on the part of SFA Foundation in the event of any accident or loss while the personal vehicle is used;
  1. Accommodation: all lodging must be arranged through SFA Foundation. In circumstances where SFA Foundation is unable to secure such reservations, an SFA Foundation representative will direct the participant to arrange their own accommodation within existing guidelines;
  • All other incidental expenses incurred, such as telephone, movies, mini bar, and laundry, are not eligible for reimbursement;
  • Accommodation expenses incurred for personal guests are not eligible for reimbursement;
  • Lodging for early or extended stays in conjunction with an SFA Foundation sponsored event or meeting are not eligible for reimbursement;
  1. Meals: SFA Foundation will strive to provide meals throughout the duration of the meeting or event. Expenses incurred because the participant chooses to decline an SFA Foundation provided meal are not eligible for reimbursement. Meals not provided at the meeting, such as en route to and from the location, are eligible for reimbursement within guidelines;
  • If the participant pays for a reimbursement-eligible meal that includes multiple diners, reimbursement maximums will be based on the total number of qualified SFA Foundation participants.
  1. Combining travel: If participants need to fly from or return to a different location other than the “home city”, the SFA Foundation events team will provide a benchmark quote, from home city to the meeting and return. If the participants requested travel need costs are equal or less than this benchmark, SFA Foundation will approve this exception. If the cost is greater than the benchmark, participants will cater for the additional cost.
  2. Travel related logistics: Transportation of personal guests and/or transportation in lieu of SFA Foundation arranged transportation is not eligible for reimbursement and must be arranged by the participant.
  • Participants are advised to take care of their travel insurance prior to travelling.
  • The participant is responsible for investigating applicable immigration rules and obtaining a passport and appropriate visas at own cost.
  • Reimbursement or cost allocation for visa costs shall be provided by SFA Foundation staff according to the specific requirement of each event.
  • All inoculations should be catered for by individuals. This is not eligible for reimbursement.
  • SFA Foundation does not reimburse or provide insurance for lost, stolen, or delayed baggage or to replace items affected by such incidents. Participants must work with the airline to locate items and/or file any necessary claims.
  • Fees from airlines that charge for the first checked bag are eligible for reimbursement. Fees from airlines to check bags beyond the first one or for other items, such as overweight baggage, are not eligible for reimbursement.

4.0 Procedure for Reimbursement

  1. The participant should complete the reimbursement claim form within 30 days of the event;
  2. Attach the pre-trip quotation to the participant reimbursement claim form along with the boarding pass and original receipt and submit to the identified SFA Foundation representative;
  3. The amount eligible for reimbursement is equal to the lower of the following:
    • the price quotation received from the SFA Foundation events team;
    • the actual cost of the ticket (as stated on the receipt).

Note: The SFA Foundation do not reimburse the value of mileage or reward programs. Only the actual amount paid for the ticket when using such programs is eligible for reimbursement.

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For any queries on this policy, please contact [email protected]