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Grant Terms and Conditions

1.0 Purpose

These Conditions, together with the Award Letter, set out the terms and conditions under which a grant is made by the Science for Africa Foundation (SFA Foundation).

2.0 Policy Statement

The grantee must ensure that the participants and others supported by the grant are made aware of and comply with these Conditions and the Award Letter.

3.0 Breach of Terms and Conditions

A breach of terms and conditions occurs if the grantee fails to meet any of them.  Further, a breach may occur due to any of the following events:-

  1. The grantee uses the grant for anything other than the Project;
  2. The grantee does not carry out the Project with reasonable care, thoroughness, competence and to a standard that would be expected for their level of experience, profession or line of work;
  3. The grantee does not complete the Project on time;
  4. The grantee has supplied SFA Foundation with any information that is wrong or misleading, either by mistake or because they are trying to mislead SFA Foundation;
  5. The grantee is declared bankrupt or become insolvent, any order is made, or resolution is passed, for the grantee to go into administration, be wound up or dissolved; an administrator or other receiver, manager, liquidator, trustee or similar officer is appointed over all or a considerable amount of their assets; or they enter into or propose any arrangement with the people they owe money to;
  6. The grantee acts illegally or negligently at any time in a way that significantly affects the Project or is likely to harm the reputation of the grantee and SFA Foundation;
  7. SFA Foundation deems that the grant is unlikely to fulfil the purpose for which it was made.

4.0 Sanctions

Following a breach of the Terms and Conditions, SFA Foundation may in its absolute discretion:

  1. Require the grantee to pay back all or part of the grant (regardless of how much they may have already spent);
  2. Stop any future payments;
  3. Take any of these actions in connection with any other grant that grantee may have with SFA Foundation;
  4. End the grant agreement immediately. Refer to the SFA Foundation Termination of Grants policy for more details on the Conditions and procedure for terminating a grant.

Related policies: Acceptance of Grant Policy and Termination of Grant Policy

For any queries on this policy, please contact [email protected]