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End of Grant Report Policy

1.0 Purpose

This policy provides guidelines for the provision of grant information at the end of the grant period of grants funded by Science for Africa (SFA) Foundation. This information is useful to evaluate if the grant achieved its intended objectives.

2.0 Policy Statement

SFA Foundation requires an end of grant report to ensure that the research has been carried out in accordance with its remit and enables SFA Foundation to review the outputs and outcomes of recently completed research, assess the quality of the innovation or research undertaken and identify important questions raised.

2.1 Sanctions for Non-submission of End of Grant Reports

In cases where an end of grant report is not received within four months of the grant end date, the grantee responsible for the report is automatically barred from applying for further SFA Foundation funding until the outstanding report is received.

3.0 Grantee Obligations

3.1 Timing of the End of Grant Report

The end of grant report must be received within three months of the end date of the grant.  For split administration grants, only one end of grant report is required.

3.2 10 per cent Retention at End of Grant

SFA Foundation will normally retain 10% of the Grant until:-

  1. An End of Grant Report and an End of Grant Spend Report have been completed and returned to SFA Foundation;
  2. Research papers supported in whole or in part by the grant have been confirmed to be compliant with the SFA Foundation’s Open Access policy, unless the SFA Foundation agrees otherwise.

The 10 per cent retention rule applies to all SFA Foundation grants unless otherwise specified in the grant letter.

3.2.1    Exclusions:

Grants for the personal support of SFA Foundation funded trainees and expenses associated with their personal support, shall be reimbursed as normal.

3.3 Split Administration Grants

For holders of split administration grants (i.e. where funds for the research are granted to two or more institutions) the following principles apply:

  1. Regardless of the number of split administration grantees, only one end of grant report is required.
  2. Where the components of the split administration grant are not co-terminous, the end of grant report should be submitted by the principal investigator whose work has the later end.

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For any queries on this policy, please contact [email protected]