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Data Protection and Privacy

1.0 Purpose

This policy elaborates Science for Africa Foundation (SFA Foundation’s) obligations to protect the personal information of all those who provide it to SFA Foundation, and to ensure that all records that come into the possession of SFA Foundation in the performance of its duties and responsibilities are properly collected, securely protected, confidentially managed and not made accessible to any third party without following due process or getting the consent of parties involved.

2.0 Definition

Data protection is the process of protecting data and involves the relationship between the collection and dissemination of data and technology, the public perception and expectation of privacy and the political and legal underpinnings surrounding that data. It aims to strike a balance between individual privacy rights while still allowing data to be used for business purposes.

3.0 Policy Statement

SFA Foundation will ensure that personal data is gathered legally and under strict conditions, and those who collect and manage it protect it from misuse and exploitation, as well as respect the rights of data owners.

3.1 Type of information collected

SFA Foundation may collect and store personal information from all who access any of SFA Foundation’s websites and/or register and/or create an account/have an account created on any of the SFA Foundation corporate systems, including, IP address, location, name(s), email address(es), personal address(es), business address(es), personal identification documents, and phone number(s).

3.2 Use of personal information

SFA Foundation will use the personal information collected by it for the following purposes:

  1. To process and review applications made on SFA Foundation website/online system by external parties;
  2. To correspond with data owners who may be applicants, experts, consultants and partners;
  3. To conduct due diligence activities which may include identity verification, anti- terrorism, anti- corruption, legal personality, economic sanctions and financial checks;
  4. To provide ongoing service to applicants, experts, consultants, partners and other relevant organizations and individuals;
  5. To inform applicants, experts, consultants and partners about any relevant SFA Foundation news and information, or any relevant news or information of SFA Foundation’s partners or affiliates, including future Requests for Proposals or any other related information;
  6. For other purposes related to the mandate of SFA Foundation.

3.2 Use of Cookies

SFA Foundation will not use cookies to profile site users. However, cookies will be connected with site users in order to permit better and easier use of the site, for transmission of orders and for statistical purposes.

3.3 Disclosure of Personal Information

Under no circumstances will personal information collected, be communicated or disseminated to third parties, unless this is necessary to carry out the services on any SFA Foundation website and the SFA Foundation grants management system. In the normal course of business, SFA Foundation may disclose some personal information to partners, service providers and suppliers. SFA Foundation discloses personal information to the following third parties:

  1. Funding Partners
  2. Third party contractors, consultants and experts
  3. Legal purposes

3.4 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Rights

SFA Foundation will enable these rights for all users whose personal information is held in corporate systems:-

  1. Right to Access

Users can access most of the data SFA Foundation holds through their portal on the SFA Foundation grants management system, or any other corporate system in use. If users would like a complete report on what personal information SFA Foundation holds, they should write to the relevant SFA Foundation Programme Manager.

  1. Right to Rectification

SFA Foundation will strive to keep records accurate. If users would like to modify an inaccurate record, in most cases they can edit the data themselves through their portals.

  1. Right to Data Portability

If users would like a copy of their personal data to transfer to a new system, they should email [email protected].

  1. Right to Object

Users can object to SFA Foundation processing their data in certain circumstances. They should email [email protected] with more information about their request and reason for objecting.

  1. Right to Restrict Use

Uses can request that SFA Foundation restrict the processing of their data in certain circumstances.

  1. Right to Erasure

Users can request that SFA Foundation delete their data in some circumstances. They should email [email protected] with more information about their request.

With respect to the processing of personal data, users of SFA Foundation systems will be entitled to do the following, either from the controller or from the processor:

  1. Obtain a confirmation as to whether or not personal information relating to them has been collected, and whether such information is being used and/or disclosed to third parties;
  2. Request the deletion of (i) personal information which was collected, used or disclosed unlawfully, and (ii) personal information which was being collected but is no longer necessary for the purposes it was collected;
  3. Request updating, rectification or, where applicable, completion of personal information;
  4. Request a statement confirming that the operations requested above were performed.

All inquiries pertaining to Data Protection and Privacy should be directed to the relevant SFA Foundation Programme Manager.

Retention periods vary depending on the category of data. In every case, data will be kept for as long as necessary to fulfill the originally intended purpose.