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Acceptance of Grant Policy

1.0 Purpose

To provide guidelines to individuals and institutions accepting approved grants from the Science for Africa Foundation (SFA Foundation).  Acceptance of a grant activates the grant.

2.0 Policy Statement

Individuals and institutions are free to accept or reject grants from SFA Foundation. This will require formal communication of acceptance or rejection of a grant  notification.

3.0 Grantee Obligations

3.1 Accepting the grant

  1. The requirement is to formally accept the award notification through an authorised signatory signing the Grants Start Certificate, unless stated otherwise in the Award Letter or Contract. The Grant Start Certificate requires the institution to provide:
    •   Formal acceptance of the grant conditions
    •   Confirmation of actual start date
    •   The time frame for accepting the grant.
  2. Authorized signatories are individuals of senior authority in the grant receiving institution such as the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics, Provost, Chief Executive Officer, Director of Research or equivalent. See the SFA Foundation Policy on Undertaking for more details.
  3. The Grant Start Certificate duly executed shall be emailed back to the relevant Programme Manager.
  4. No payments may be made on a grant until the Grant Start Certificate is received. Generally, expenses incurred before the official start date shall not be considered.

3.2 Accepting the grant

  1. Normally, an executed Grants Start Certificate will be returned to SFA Foundation at most three (3) months after receipt of the Award Letter or Contract
  2. Grantees can also defer the grant start date for a maximum of six (6) months from the date of the Award Letter or Contract
  3. Should the grantee need to defer the grant start for a period exceeding six (6) months from the date of the Award Letter or Contract, this intention with justification should be formally communicated to the relevant Programme Manager for consideration.

3.2 Rejecting the grant

  1. Individuals and institutions rejecting SFA Foundation grants are required to send a formal notification of this intention to the relevant SFA Foundation Programme Manager.
  2. If no response is received from the prospective grantee six (6) months from the date of the Award Letter or Contract, the grant shall be considered rejected.

Grant Start Certificate template (to be inserted as a separate link)

Related policy: Policy on Undertaking

For any queries on this policy, please contact [email protected]