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Applicant Instructions - Round 15 AI Call

Welcome to the Science for Africa Foundation (SFA Foundation) Agaseke grants management system 

The Agaseke, a Rwandese/Rwandan woven basket representing community, is the chosen name for the Science for Africa Foundation Grants Management System (GMS). The Agaseke GMS embodies unity of purpose in supporting, strengthening and promoting science and innovation in Africa. 

The Agaseke GMS enables applicants, reviewers and committees to: 

  • Access information on current grants available  

  • Submit application(s)  

  • Update personal information  

  • Submit reports and supporting material relating to grants  

  • Receive email notifications and letters  

Grand Challenges Africa AI Global and Digital Health solutions Call 

Information required for application 

Please refer to the following guidelines as you prepare your application. 

Identify ONE area of focus of your application as categorized in the Request for Proposals call.  

  1. Clinical Decision Support   

  1. Population Health & Policymaking  

  1. Support for Frontline Health Workers  

  1. Health Communications & Patient Journeys  

  1. Health Systems Strengthening 

Your application should include the following sections: an Application Summary, Applicant details, Project proposal, Budget, Partnerships, and Collaborations, and Validation Summary that need to be completed via our SFA Agaseke Online Application System each section has suggested lengths in parentheses/word limit. 

  1. Application Summary 
    The summary should indicate the specific problem that the proposal seeks to address, the approach proposed to solve this problem, and the project’s expected impact – if successful – at the end of the grant period.  
  2. Project proposal 
    Section 1: (500 words) 

    At the beginning of this section, include one or two sentences in bold that capture the essence of your idea and why it is unique, Describe the hypothesis for your proposal and why you expect it to succeed.  
    Section II: (1500 words) 
    1. Use this section to describe how you will test your hypothesis, briefly describe the project design and implementation plan, and your experimental plan, including applying approaches from outside the field or the bridge fields.  
    2. How will the work you describe be performed within the budget and time period (12 months) allocated for the initial Phase I award? This 12-month time period should include project work time, ramp-up, and required reporting.  
    3. What essential data will you generate during your Phase I award?  
    4. Describe your ethical use of technology and data. Highlight the risks or challenges presented by your proposed use of LLMs.  Describe the potential bias that may arise 
    5. Path to impact: Provide information on your plan to ensure meaningful engagement of your research community and the wider public in your project. If your experiments in Phase I are successful, what are the next steps? 
  3. Budget (download the Excel sheet budget from the link attached) 
    Please use the budget template in the application portal to include a breakdown of allowable direct costs. Refer to the detailed budget guidelines provided. 
  4. Partnerships and Collaborations (250 words) 
    The Grand Challenges program seeks to encourage intra-Africa relationships across the continent. Use this section to describe how your project will either build on an existing partnership or start a new one, include the role of each collaborator and their skills/experience relevant to this call 
  5. Validation Summary 
    This is the final step of the application, if there are no errors appearing on your form, click on the Save and Close button to access the Application Details screen where the form can be submitted. If any errors appear, the system will highlight the sections that need to be completed before the form is validated.