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Journey to a Pan-African Community of Practice Platform for the Research and Innovation Management Community

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

“The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins With One Step,” Lao Tzu.

The Science For Africa Foundation is seeking your thoughts on what to include in a virtual Pan-Africa Community of Practice (COP) Platform.

Many research institutions across Africa are now, more than ever, carrying out cutting-edge research. There is an increased appreciation of the role research managers play in supporting researchers to carry out their research effectively and efficiently. For a long time, research management has not been recognised as a career and many of the staff do not recognise that they are part of the research management function or do not identify themselves as research managers and or administrators. The concept of research management as a profession in its own right, with its own culture, standards, and professional ethos, needs to be developed.

Currently, there is no single platform that brings together African research and innovation management professionals. It is true that research management is a relatively young area in Africa with no or very limited professional training. In view of the increasing importance of networking and collaborating in research, it is equally important for research and innovations managers and administrators to build their networks and collaborations to strengthen the profession and add value to the research enterprise.

Through this survey, please let us know what you would want to see on a Community of Practice Platform. Kindly spare 15 minutes and respond to this short survey to share your expectations of how you would like the Pan -African COP to be shaped. The survey is anonymous. All information collected will inform the development of the COP. The survey will close on 30th June 2023.

Thank you for participating in the survey.

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